Over it.


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I am so over it. I am tired of everyone trying to out-do each other. I am tired of all the fake posts. I am sick of seeing “perfect” lives plastered on facebook or other social media. Guess what. It’s not freakin real…and if it is…I am doing something way way wrong!  90% of the time, my house is a mess. My kids generally look far from perfect. My make-up is usually only half done (thanks to me rubbing my eyes throughout the day). And we’ll be lucky if we all sit at the table together for dinner without spilling something or hearing one of the kiddos burp. I’m okay with this. This is my crazy life. I am not afraid to hide it. I rarely post on social media because, honestly, I hate my phone. There’s too much ridiculous stuff that fills my feed. Don’t feed your kids this, don’t use sunscreen- it can cause cancer (have you seen how white I am??), don’t drink milk, you’re too fat, too skinny, not flawless, and it goes on and on and on.

The photography world is no different. It’s fake. It’s not reality. Those weddings you see in magazines are likely 100% stylized and unattainable. I’ve literally seen stylized shoots try to be passed off as real weddings. Pinterest. Ugh. Yes, the pictures are beautiful…but you know what they are missing? Chaos. Fun. They are missing emotion. They don’t capture the realization of the forgotten veil, or the caterer not showing up, the ring bearer screaming down the aisle, the bridesmaid’s dress having to be sewn back together, or the groom’s suit jacket button popping off. When did we have to start altering our weddings to be so “perfect” when we are all far from it. When did we have to start being so showy? The best weddings we’ve had the opportunity to photograph are the ones that stopped trying to pinterest everything out. The ones that stopped looking to The Knot to know what’s allowable and not allowable during the wedding, or who to hire and not to hire, and what 1000 questions to ask each vendor. The ones that truly remembered why they were getting married and made it beautifully about themselves.

The wedding industry is getting crazy. I suppose it has been for awhile, but now I’m in the midst of it all. I see brides stressing out all the time trying to make sure they follow protocol and don’t do anything wrong. This must be just like this or the wedding will be ruined. You have to have the perfect, most expensive venue or people will think you cheaped out. You have to invite aunt so and so’s cousin because you met them once in passing at a wedding 5 years ago. No. Absolutely not! This is exactly what I’m tired of.

Let’s take a minute and talk about what a wedding is.

Simple Definition of wedding

  • : a ceremony at which two people are married to each other

Wait, what? I feel like now it’s more about the wedding than the couple. It’s more about the dress than the bride. The bridesmaids and groomsmen have to be on their best behavior. The kids aren’t allowed to be kids. Brides become bridezilla’s because they are expected to live up to these highly unrealistic expectations of the perfect wedding. I feel like brides are starting to lose themselves in the planning. I wish we could all step back and stop trying to out-do each other or live up to something we see on pinterest. Stop trying to have everyone think you are so perfect. Start doing things that make you happy. That make your future husband happy. Your wedding should be about the two of you sharing who you are with the people you love. Want to have an un-even number of bridesmaids and groomsmen? Go ahead. Feel like you need to have a bridesmaid in your wedding because you were in hers? Nope. Say no to obligatory bridesmaids. Want your favorite food for your reception? Do it…even if it’s pizza! In fact, definitely do it if it’s pizza! Hate cake but love hot fudge sundaes? See where I’m going with this?

I may never win an award for photography. I may never have a wedding I’ve photographed published in a magazine. But, I DON’T CARE. I am not there to photograph a wedding for a magazine. I am there for you. I am there to help you smile when everything is seemingly falling apart. I am there to tell you it doesn’t matter if the veil was forgotten, because now we can see your beautiful red hair. I am there to help you sew on the button to the jacket or stitch the bridesmaid dress back together. I am there to help you bustle your dress and to tell you to kick off your shoes because it’s not worth killing your feet. I am there to remind you to be happy and enjoy the moment. That’s what’s important. I’ll capture your day for you, in the perfectly imperfect way it turns out.


So, we finally jumped.

     Here we are in our 4th year of our photography business. We love it. It makes us laugh, it makes (me) cry, and it takes us on some really interesting adventures. We never thought it was really going to amount to anything. I’ve had my fair share of things that “really will make our family succeed this time”…remember when I had a cake business?! Hah. I didn’t stand a chance. Photography has always been somewhat of a hidden passion of mine and after Mia was born, it was time to see what it could do. Even though we are still in our early years of the business, the really early years were rough. I constantly struggled with not being good enough and had a really hard time talking to people – even friends – about the business. Soon, word started getting out, with the help of close friends and family. More people started booking with us. I did everything I could to keep getting better. Things began to look up a bit. Our business started taking a new step forward. It started to get overwhelming for me to take on alone.

  Koko would help build my confidence and accompany me to photo-shoots as often as he could. Within the last two years, it felt as though his day job was getting in the way of our new job. Two years ago we started toying with the idea that we could actually do this as both of our full time jobs and make a living. Two years ago we crunched numbers and would dream about how awesome it would be if we could just take the jump. Two years ago we were ready, but we played it safe. We weren’t confident enough. It was scary. We have two kids. We would never forgive ourselves if we failed. He moved up the ranks at his job, but I knew he wasn’t happy. This wasn’t the career for him. There were times I really hated his job. We’d talk about the possibility of him leaving here and there, but would generally put it on the back burner. It was always disappointing to dream about it and come to the conclusion that it just wasn’t the time.

  Last June (2015), we were ready. We talked about how we could make it. We were ready to take the risk. We were within two weeks of Koko putting in his letter of resignation. But, June was slow- unseasonably slow. July was worse. We had no bookings. None. What happened? That’s the strange thing about photography, you can be slammed one month and have nothing the next. Once again, it was put on the back burner. We were so disappointed. We figured it likely wasn’t going to happen. We talked about our next steps. We’d work through our slow season and try to save up some money. We started accepting the idea that his job may be permanent. This is uncharacteristic of us. We always talk about how life is too short. We talk about the things we want to do with our kids. But mostly, we want to be with our kids. Working a 40 hour a week job and getting off at 6pm or sometimes 630pm when the kids go to bed at 730pm? What?! Koko was spending an average of about 7-10 hours during the week with the kids. SEVEN TO TEN HOURS. We had to come up with something. This was not working for us.

  January was surprisingly busy for us, but we didn’t dare start talking about it again. We were happy…ish. We were comfortable. We were just working and happy to be working. Koko continued at his job and I started trying to work on building our business more. We had a trip coming up in June we were looking forward to. January-May flew by. Mason was out of 1st grade and Mia graduated Pre-k. Time is flying by. June was full of surprises. We announced our pregnancy. Our little family was growing and we couldn’t be more excited. We continued saving and booking sessions. We went on our trip and had an amazing time. Our life was changing.

  June was a huge turning point for us. We weren’t really talking about Koko leaving his job, but I think it was in the forefront of our minds. We had joked here and there that he would leave his job by his 30th birthday and October is right around the corner. Time was passing us by and seems to be going faster and faster. The end of June hit me like a ton of bricks. We celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary and it finally sunk in that we have a little one on the way and two that will be in Elementary. During a meeting for a bridal expo coming up, Koko messaged me – which isn’t uncommon, we pretty much talk all day long. This message was different. He was ready to take the jump.

  I’m not going to lie, it caught me off guard. I met with him for lunch and we decided it was now or never. I think he was a little surprised. We had a plan in place and we were going to give it three months. Three months we can sustain. He put in his letter that day. We expected to feel excited, relieved, and nervous. This had been thought out over two years. We were excited. We were nervous. We were surprisingly…not relieved at all. When we broke the news to our close friends and family, we were met with mixed reviews. Some were very happy and some were not happy at all and expressed their concern. I mean, come on, we have a baby on the way!

  Trust me. We know this is crazy. But how are we ever going to really succeed if we can’t take some risks. What if we fail? We will get back up. We will rebuild ourselves. What if we don’t fail? I like to push the limits a little bit. We have our whole lives to work in the corporate world. We’re still young. We can still make some crazy decisions! Only time will tell what we’re capable of. I’m so happy we took the jump. We are determined. We are going to give it our all. Either way, we won’t regret it.



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It’s SENIOR SEASON AGAIN!!! Finally!! We can’t wait to meet this year’s seniors! We thought we’d give you guys a rundown on what to expect from the time you book your session with us to the time we deliver your images.

First things first. The initial call or email. If we can’t answer the phone we try to get back with you within a couple hours at most. We check the email as often as possible and generally get back to you within the day. We’ll likely be asking you what your style is and what type of backgrounds you are going for. We shoot on location, meaning once we pick a place we will be in close contact with you and meet you there. We have you choose your top two locations and help you decide from there! We shoot pretty much anywhere in and around Las Cruces. For location ideas, please visit our website, click on seniors, and then click on locations!! If you have a specific place you’d like to shoot at, it is your responsibility to secure permission! We prefer not to trespass:)

If you want to get your hair and/or make-up done, we recommend Brenda Tarango. Her work is absolutely gorgeous!! To get in touch with her:
For business inquires 575-6509209 brenda.makeupandhair@gmail.com
You can check out her work here: Beauty at your Location – Facebook

Next let’s talk about what you should bring. Are you ready?!
Ladies!!! We recommend about 5 outfits. That doesn’t mean we will necessarily get to every outfit, but it does mean that we can help you choose what would be best for each setting. We’d also like you to keep in mind that the locations we go to don’t have restrooms to change in. We do however have a pop-up changing room. Ya, pretty awesome! It’s definitely easier than changing in a car!  We’d love for you to bring high heels, even if you don’t wear them on a regular basis. That doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy them, but trust us, heels look KILLER in pictures! Also bring shoes you wear on a regular basis…like sandals or your favorite converse. Things to make sure to bring… stylish jackets if you have them, a good pair of jeans, a formal dress, and several shirts. Bring accessories, I can’t stress this enough! Earrings, scarves, necklaces, bracelets, purses, etc. To really get a variety for your session, find a pair of your go-to jeans, and switch up the shirts and accessories. If you decide to do this, do not count this as all 5 of your outfits…we’d still like to see you mix it up!

Guys…I seriously doubt you are reading this…and if you are, THANK YOU!!! So, if this is like most of the guys we reach out to…we are really talking to Mom. Hey Mom! Here’s an idea of what you should bring to your session. Guys…I know the thought of an hour in front of the camera sounds dreadful! But, I can pretty much guarantee that it’ll be better than you expect! To start off, do not bring JUST your cargo shorts. Seriously! Don’t. do. it. (Mom, do not let him get away with it!) I know you have your favorite outfits. Start with that. If you can’t think of anything I’ll put it simply: Light jeans, dark jeans, shorts (no holes!), 5 shirts-I know we are asking a lot at this point, a stylish jacket, and a semi-formal to formal outfit. Bring a tie if you can. As far as accessories, if you wear hats, bring one-we’ll do those shots at the end of the session. The same goes for sunglasses. Bring a few different pairs of shoes. Watches…and any other accessories you’d like to bring.

Check out this awesome inspiration board! (Thank you pinterest)

Ladies & Guys- Personal items. Items that make the session completely custom. Do you play guitar? Do you love your car? Skateboard? Think of things you do. Do you love listening to your iPod? Bring it. Get creative. Obviously if you are in sports, band, orchestra, or have a letterman jacket…these are all things that we can do some cool things with, so definitely bring them. You seriously can’t bring too much. The more that we can help you with, the better!

Our seniors generally start off feeling awkward, but we try to get passed that as quickly as possible. We are pretty laid back and we’ll help you look your best in the pictures! You can trust us. We are also totally open to any ideas you may have! Don’t be afraid to let us know what you want! After the first 15 minutes it really starts getting fun! An hour is going to fly by! Trust me. We also encourage you to bring a friend or two as well as your mom (& dad, if he’s up for it!) We really want this to be a fun and memorable experience for you! Have your mom and friends be camera ready too….juuuuust in case we have them jump into a picture or two with you:) It’s been known to happen.

All of our pricing can be found on our website! Please, please look over it prior to your session. I cannot stress this enough! We’d like you to keep in mind that there is no minimum order with us! There are packages as well as our A la Carte. We are a no pressure studio. Get what you want and what you need, we’ll be here to help, not upsell you! Once your session is over, we personally edit your pictures. We only throw out the test shots, the ones where you talking, eyes closed…etc. It takes about 2 weeks- give or take- for us to get you in for your ordering session. We guarantee 30 images from your session, but I don’t think I’ve ever hit a mark that low.  Once your images are edited we have you out to our home office to view and order your pictures. We’d also like to mention that we do have pets. If you are allergic, please let us know and we can make other arrangements for your ordering session.

Once your images are ordered, it takes about 10-12 business days to get your order in. We will be in touch and let you know when pick-up times are!

Cringeworthy Questions | Las Cruces Photographer


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Last night I spent about two hours writing a post in response to a link I shared on our facebook post yesterday afternoon. It was referring to things you should never say to your photographer. It listed the things not to say, but never gave a reason why. My husband noted that he would’ve liked an explanation for each statement as to why they are annoying to hear. My post was pretty straightforward…with a good amount of sarcasm mixed in. We realize that sometimes joking and sarcasm aren’t apparent while reading…so we didn’t want to get off on the wrong foot. So I am going to take some time to really explain, from our point of view, why these statements made to photographers generally piss them off. This isn’t to offend anybody and I’m not saying that I’m speaking for all photographers, but this is our personal experience.

The original link can be found here: http://tutons.com/things-never-say-to-a-photographer/

24 Things you should never say to a photographer:

1. Your camera takes really nice pictures!
We hear this one a lot. It sounds innocent enough…maybe you’ve even said it. So, why does this make photographers angry? Maybe it doesn’t make photographers angry necessarily…but it does sting a bit. Before I even get into this, we know that you mean well. You may be trying to simply state that the pictures are very clear…or something along those lines. When we hear, “Your camera takes really nice pictures!” it makes it seem like anyone could take nice pictures if they had the camera. It takes the countless hours photographers have spent studying their gear, taking online courses, reading manual after manual and minimizes the hard work that all photographers have put in to creating those “nice pictures”. Even out on location, we are dealing with constant changes and as photographers we are continuously adjusting while keeping the session flowing. You probably wouldn’t even notice all the changes they are making. A camera is just a tool. Nothing more, nothing less. My camera can also take really bad photos. Trust me…I’ve seen them! It took a lot of practice to get where we are. So keep in mind next time, the camera only does what the person holding it tells it to.

2. You’re not allowed to take photos here.
 If this is a public location can you please tell me why I’m not allowed to take photos? We hear this on occasion and usually there is no explanation. I totally understand for private property…and we respect private property. We will do our best to secure permission, and if we can’t…then unfortunately private property is not an option. 

3. Can’t you just photoshop that?
I’m sure all photographers can relate to this one. This is a hard one to hear. The media shows all the photoshop videos and before & afters all the time. They make quick work of a photo and transform it into something completely different. It’s awesome, I agree, but no- I cannot just photoshop that. Photoshop is not easy. It takes time. I’d like to say that I’m decent at photoshop. I’m not an expert by any means. Because of this, it takes me a good amount of time to “just” photoshop that. Usually we get asked to photoshop a client’s love handles, nose, teeth, double chin, or   insert body part you’re self conscious about here . Honestly, I am not comfortable with any of this. I don’t like drastically changing a person’s shape. Heck, I don’t even like altering it a little bit. That is not who you are or what you look like, why do you want to be different in photos? That being said, I will photoshop your blemishes, cuts and bruises all day long for you. I want you to have the best version of yourself in pictures, but who you REALLY are:)

4. Can I have all the reject photos too please?
You just hired your photographer. We are at the session… I’m taking quite a few pictures, some while you’re talking, some while your eyes are closed, some while I’m messing with my settings…etc. There’s some blurry shots. Some duplicate shots. Some that are over-exposed…these are what I get rid of. Add a family in front of the camera and I’ll start cutting out the ones where nobody is looking. Mom’s blurry from moving and trying to keep the kiddo in place. Dad is talking to kiddo mid-bribe, with his mouth wide open. These are the ones I cut out. I promise, I’m not holding out on you. The ones I get rid of are not even worth seeing! If you are one of our clients, you know I give you a ton to choose from. I always tell you that there are likely going to be a few that look the same. Why wouldn’t I just pick the best one out of a series and show you just one? Because, what if you like your face better in the second one and I personally like the first one. It would be unfortunate if I had only shown you the first one. It’s not going up in my home…I want you to have options. Why would I keep a good photo from you? 

5. I hate having my photo taken.
Who doesn’t? But give us a chance. We are professionals for a reason. We are hoping to give you an experience that you haven’t had yet. This is a good time to give up some control and just let your photographer do their job. They’ve done this a few times. Have some fun with it. Stop focusing so much on why you hate being in front of the camera and just be silly. Who knows…you may even end up liking one…or five…or ten:)

6. I wanted to invite you to my event, you should bring your camera!
Ok, It sounds fine in passing…I mean come on, I usually have my camera strapped to me anyway. But if you are only inviting me to the event to take pictures, you will likely be disappointed. If I’m not hired for something, I may take a photo here and there…and if my kids are with us… that’s where my focus will be. So, if you are inviting us to an event, and you want us to shoot the event, you may want to make it clear that you would like to hire us for the event. 

7. If I had a camera like that I could take the same photos you do. :)
Yes and no. This one actually doesn’t bother me at all. I know what they are getting at in this statement, (I could refer you back to #1) but I am going to take it a little further. Everyone sees things differently. Everyone has different methods. There are several settings you can use to take a picture. Everyone has their own technique. That is part of the beauty in photography. Place a child in front of 5 photographers and each photo will have a different perspective, different technique and definitely a different final product. So sure, if you had a camera like mine…we could take a picture of the same thing, but the odds of it being the same as mine would be nearly impossible. 

8. You don’t have a degree, so you’re not really a professional.
A professional is defined: following an occupation as a means of livelihood or for gain. Basically, a professional is someone who is paid for their work. I’m sure all pro football players have a degree in football, right?!

9. It must be easy to run a photography business.
Again, this one doesn’t really bother me. If you haven’t run a business or tried your hand at editing, I could see how running a photography business would seem easy. (See #11) But a photography business is really just like any other business…if it’s a legitimate business. Photography only plays a small role in the business as a whole. There’s customers. There’s taxes, which include state and federal. There’s liability. There’s overhead cost. Some have employees…which I wouldn’t know about yet…but I can imagine the headache. A business is a business. Anybody who runs a business, no matter what it is, knows it isn’t easy. Worth it, yes. Easy, no.

10. Wow that Canon 5D Mk III must make you an amazing photographer!
Again, it doesn’t matter what kind of equipment you have. A camera alone cannot make you an amazing photographer. An amazing photographer is only amazing with the set of skills they have acquired. The camera is simply a tool. Think of it as a paintbrush…you can dip the paintbrush into paint, but that doesn’t make you Van Gogh.

11. Your job must be so easy, all you do is click a button all day!
See #9.

12. My phone takes better pictures than your camera.
I haven’t run into this…at all, so I’m not really sure what to say. 

13. Can you take your watermark off the photos you posted on facebook? my mom wants to print them.
Watermarks are on the photos to protect the photographer. Photographers use social media to advertise. Photos have been stolen from social media and used to promote other photographers or businesses. Essentially, if you are printing a photo from facebook…you are stealing it. That’s a little hard core to me…I mean really. It’s facebook. Go ahead and print them. Before you waste your money though, have you ever printed something from facebook? Have you tried printing it as a 5×7? How about an 8×10? You are pretty much guaranteeing yourself a pixelated mess of a print. Instead, call your photographer, and get a professional, high quality print. 

14. Can I pay you in 3 installments over one year? my wedding really took a lot out of my pockets!
We used to have this issue. It happened to us two times. We felt awful! It felt like we were holding treasured memories hostage. A bride & groom are usually only budgeting leading up to the wedding. They aren’t prepared after the wedding when they come in to see their photos…and their dream package is way out of reach. Your photographer doesn’t feel good about it, I guarantee it! We changed our pricing structure. We have our wedding collections all inclusive, up front. There are no surprises. No hidden costs. No walking out feeling like you are going to have to eat Ramen for the next year to pay for your package…and then having to wait that entire time to hold your album, post your images, and reminisce with your family. By the time that happens…life happened. Enter: new baby. Enter: new house. It’s no longer exciting to post those photos. Since we’ve changed, we’ve had happier brides & grooms, and really…who needs more than that?!

15. Why is the background blurry like that?
It’s a word called “Bokeh”…a word I hate, but a style choice we love and is quite popular these days!

16. I only need a few photos taken, is that cheaper?
This is a good question. Let me explain. Even though you only need a few photos taken, we still need to go through the entire process on my end. The initial consultation. The session. The editing. Sure, there are studios that offer mini-sessions. We aren’t one of them. We still have to collaborate. I want to be sure to offer you the best experience I can, even if you only need a few photos. You can choose just a few pictures, but I’d like to be sure you have enough to choose from. Again, I am not speaking for all photographers. This is just the way we do things. 🙂

17. OMG i love your work!! would you edit this selfie for my facebook page?
 This is a flattering statement. I love that you love our work! But, our work starts with our posing and our shots…so simply editing one of your selfies doesn’t make it our work…and it’s not going to come out how you hope! 

18. What’s the discount if I edit the pictures myself? I use Picasa!
Why do photographers get so touchy about this one? I can explain…at least from our point of view. The editing software doesn’t matter, you could even have the latest version of photoshop. It seems like your almost doing the photographer a favor right? You are taking the “burden” of hours of editing off their plate. Here’s my point of view. You likely hired your photographer based on their portfolio. You are doing yourself a disservice if you do not allow your photographer to give you a finished product. Only your photographer can edit they way they do. If you are paying your photographer for their service and their style, you will not receive it when you edit the photos yourself. I guarantee it. 

19. Photography’s easy, because the camera does all the work.
Again, please refer to numbers one and nine. 

20. Photography’s not a real art like painting or sculpting where you need to build your skills. For photography you just need a good eye.
This one is short and simple. You need a good eye sure, but you also need the knowledge to achieve what you have mind. 

21. Canon or Nikon, Which is Better?
This is Coke & Pepsi. It’s all subjective…and just for the record…Coca Cola all the way!

22. I don’t have to give a Photo Credit to the Photographer, do I? or Crediting the Photographer is not necessary now, is it?
There’s not really a rule on this one. I would consider this common courtesy. The photographer, even though they are paid, puts a great deal of time and effort into creating the art you receive in the form of photos. We all have a living to make, and assisting the photographer by crediting them for their images is a kind thing to do. Helping them expand their exposure by crediting is a good way to show appreciation. Not wanting to do so is considered classless by those in the photography world.

23. Your camera is so tiny it looks like a compact camera. You sure you a pro?
Here we are again…it’s not the equipment that makes the photographer. It’s the photographer that makes the photos. There’s a professional photographer who shot an entire wedding with an iphone just to prove a point. No joke. Google it.

24. Could you cover our event for free? It will be great for your portfolio.
I don’t hate this question, because once in a while, there are things that could benefit our portfolio. Although, these are generally very specific things that we are looking for. So please, don’t be surprised if you get a “no” answer. Ultimately, if a photographer must shoot something of yours, they’ll approach you first.

No More Pictures!


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That sounds worse than it looks. I promise! I recently had a rude awakening when we had a hard drive computer crash. I lost a ton of personal photos. I had memories on there that I convinced myself that were lost forever. I recently read an amazing blog post by Mike Yost Photography. He talks about how our generation likely wont have any of the pictures we take within 10 years.

You can check it out here:

It’s a very eye opening post. He hit the nail right on the head. We ARE the most photographed generation. We take photos of everything. Kids, selfies, family vacations, pets, day to day…and even our food. It’s crazy! We think we have these photos forever in our digital age. Our generation is going to start learning the hard way, time after time, that digital is not forever. I am a photographer. A photographer that should know better. I’m a photographer that stresses ALL the time how important it is to get professional prints and not worry so much about the digital images. I’ll admit that I absolutely HATE when people opt for the digital images only. It makes me sick to my stomach. The chances of them actually printing the pictures is slim to none. At that point I don’t care if you get them printed professionally. Just, please, print them off!!! There is a saying that I became all too familiar with: “All hard drives crash. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.” My computer was relatively new. It was just under two years old and it crashed. I couldn’t believe it. I sent my hard drive to an amazing data recovery place called RTS Data Recovery. (http://www.rtsdatarecovery.com/) They saved everything I had on my computer. Yes, it came at a price. But a price that was worth it for my priceless memories. There is a simple point I am trying to make…print off your important photos and even your seemingly unimportant photos. Back them up to the latest technology any chance you get. Then back them up again. Don’t think that it wont happen to you. I am going to print off as many photos as I can afford and I will fill up cheap photo albums. Then I will fill up more. You don’t have to spend a fortune to keep your cherished memories. Trust me though, you will regret not having them in print if you can’t recover the images. Make prints important again. It’s worth it!

What resolutions?!

New year…new start? Hah…that’s funny, at least for me. I have my list of resolutions every January…and I maybe follow through with them for a month. Sometimes two months if I’m lucky. Big surprise, the blog always *ALWAYS* gets left behind. I’m always determined to blog more, but then I get caught up in life and let it sink back down. So…in the spirit of the new year…I thought…hey why not add a new list of resolutions I likely wont follow:) So…here they are.

1. Work/Life balance. I’m sure this is true for many people. Life gets crazy. Work gets crazier. I am constantly trying to find ways to improve the business while keeping it separate from home. (Not easy when you work from home!) When we started this business, we never thought in a million years it would be where it is today. We are incredibly thankful people think enough of our work to book us! It’s truly an amazing feeling. My goal (resolution) is to make set hours and stick to them. Haha, I can already tell this one is going to be a tricky one!

2. The infamous weight loss/eat healthier resolution. I pretty much know I can’t stick to this one already. Just being honest…but it’s nice to dream. lol. Although, I do have a goal to eat at home more. We get sucked into the whole…let’s just go grab something real quick. We can talk…we don’t have to clean up…we both get what we want to eat…etc. I’m sure that I’ve gained weight in the past year…and honestly it’d be as simple as eating at home to lose those few extra pounds.

3. Kiddos!!! We are finally accomplishing something that we have wanted to do for a long time. We are starting our t-ball team! Both kids will be able to be on the same team, so we figured this would be the perfect year to knock it out!

4. Organization. I have no excuses this year. I have to get everything in order or I will lose my mind!! The kids’ schedules are crazy enough alone…plus everything we have going on. I definitely want to know what is going on and when! Koko got me an awesome present to work this one out! It’s a planner designed for photographers…with plenty of space for personal business too! Now I just have to wait for it to come in. I am one of those pen to paper kind of people. I forget stuff I add on our online calendar all the time. Koko on the other hand is all about computers.

5. More pictures of our family! Mason is at the age where he doesn’t love being in front of the camera anymore. He literally rolls his eyes anytime I bring it out. Mia loves the camera. She recently told us she wants to be a “puhtogafor” when she grows up. I’m going to hopefully start a series of pictures with her. She has some adorable ideas for photoshoots and I’m sure she would love to follow through with them!

I’m sticking with five. I think it’ll be a good way to try to keep up with them. We’ll see how it goes! Stay tuned!
I’d love to hear your resolutions!

Briana & Michael | Engagement | Las Cruces, NM <3


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These two are getting hitched in a week! I figured I’d dust off the blog and try to start up again! (famous words as always!) I can’t wait to share their wedding! I know it’s going to be gorgeous!! In the meantime…enjoy some of their engagement pics:) Collage 1

Collage 2

Attention Class of 2015! We are looking for Senior Reps!


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It’s that time again! We are searching for our Class of 2015 Senior Reps! The end of summer or early fall is a fantastic time to start taking senior portraits! These positions are VERY limited and we are accepting applications now! You’ll earn rewards for each senior you refer, if they book and complete a session. It’s that easy!

The Sweet Spot Photography will be choosing 2 upcoming seniors from each local high school to represent our studio! Each senior rep will receive a FREE senior session and easily earn free prints and products!

Here’s what you get:
* 1-2 hour session
* Unlimited outfit changes
* $25 credit for each person you refer who books a session with us
* Custom rep cards to hand out to your friends & family (special coupon included!)
* Watermarked images to share on FB and Instagram

* You must first have your parents approval. Please talk with them before applying. We will have interviews with you and your parents…so please let them know what you are signing up for!
* If you are chosen, you must agree to represent only The Sweet Spot Photography throughout your Senior Year!
* Your FREE photo session does not include prints
* You will have to sign a model release (or your parents if you’re under 18) that gives The Sweet Spot Photography permission to use your images for our advertising and marketing.

Ready to apply?
Send us an email: Melissa@thesweetspotphotography.com
Subject: Senior Rep
Please include your name and high school you attend.
We will send you the senior rep application and set up your interview!

Maternity Fun

So a few months ago I decided that I wanted to bring a prettier style of maternity shots to Las Cruces. I was bored with the same old “hold your belly” shots. I have been checking out a lot of the maternity gowns on etsy…but just couldn’t justify spending over a $100 on something I may use once. I put everything on the back burner and kept focusing on everything else going on. Fast forward a couple weeks and it was soccer season for our son! I met this amazing mom and she had the cutest pregnant belly ever! I started thinking about those belly shots again. I asked her to be my model as was very relieved when she agreed! Talk about awkward…”Hey, I know we barely know eachother, but I have these ideas for a maternity shoot…will you model for me?” What would you say? Luckily she was awesome and didn’t think it was awkward at all, lol! I also adore her daughter. She was so amazing during the shoot!

So here are some of the pictures! I wanted to incorporate her daughter with some “just like mommy styled shots”
Las Cruces Maternity Photographer 05
Las Cruces Photographer Maternity-0003 Las Cruces Photographer Maternity-3677 Las Cruces Photographer Maternity-3694
Las Cruces Photographer Maternity-3964Las Cruces Photographer Maternity-3841 Las Cruces Photographer Maternity-3845
Las Cruces Photographer Maternity-3902 Las Cruces Photographer Maternity-3910 Las Cruces Photographer Maternity-3932 Las Cruces Photographer Maternity-3952
We also did a little tea party while we were out there! Aren’t they just the cutest?!

Here are some other shots from the session! The B&W one is one of my absolute favorites!
Las Cruces Photographer Maternity-0007 Las Cruces Photographer Maternity-0008 Las Cruces Photographer Maternity-0010 Las Cruces Photographer Maternity-0004 Las Cruces Photographer Maternity-0013

If you know any pregnant mamas looking for this style of photography, definitely send them our way!